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How to Participate

Do you want to start offering reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders and/or refill/exchanges services to your customers? We're here to help! You can purchase reusables from Flame King or Little Kamper to sell in your store. If you have forklift tank on site you can also refill them. Contact Flame King to get an adapter to do so. Scroll to learn more about becoming a refill/exchange site.

Email if you start offering reusables so we can promote and add you to our map of participating locations!

Refill Method: 
With Propane On-site

In order to fill the reusable 1 lb. propane cylinders from your forklift cylinder, you must purchase a refill adapter from

Flame King.

While other 1 lb. propane cylinder refill adapters are available, the Flame King adapter is specifically designed to refill 1 lb. reusable propane cylinders. This adapter is equipped with a relief valve, as well as a fill nozzle that when released, will stop the flow of propane. Furthermore, it is designed so that it cannot be used to refill single-use cylinders.

Contact Flame King to place an order.

Refill Method: 
Without Propane On-site

Purchase empty reusables from Flame King to sell at your location. Cost varies by quantities ordered.

Contact Flame King to place an order.

Once reusables are received, you can sell them empty or fill them at a local refill location to sell them full.

Exchange Method

The Little Kamper Propane Tank

Exchange Process


1. Purchase pre-filled Little Kamper cylinders

2. Customers will exchange their empty Little Kampers for a pre-filled replacement. 

3. Send back empties to Little Kamper in a pre-paid box and exchange for a box of pre-filled cylinders

Contact Little Kamper to place an order.

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