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Single-use 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Costly! 80% of the price you pay is for the packaging, 20% is for the gas.

  • Hurt the Environment! More than 4 million cylinders each year in California are wasted.

  • Dangerous for sanitation workers if improperly disposed.

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Reusable 1 lb.
Propane Cylinders

  • $ave Money! It is cheaper to buy and reuse a 1 lb. propane cylinder than it is to use a single-use.

  • Help the Environment! Reduce millions of pounds of metal packaging waste.

The Problem

The Problem:

Single-use 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Single-use cylinders are expensive when you realize that 80% of the price you pay is for the packaging! In short, you’re paying more for the packaging than for the actual gas!

  • Every year in North America, 40 million single-use 1 lb. propane cylinders are used, with over four million in California alone.* Because of limited, expensive recycling options, the empty cylinders are often disposed of improperly in landfills, dumpsters, household trash, campsites, on the roadside or in recycling containers.

*Estimate provided by Kamps Propane based on annual cylinder production data and population data.

The Solution

The Solution:

Reusable 1 lb. Propane Cylinders

  • Reusables save money because you only pay for the gas and filling service, not the container!

  • Reusables can last up to 10 years and can be refilled hundreds of times.

  • Reusables reduce the impact on landfills and the environment.

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While adapters and refill kits are sold in the U.S., we do not endorse refilling 1 lb. propane cylinders at home. It is safe when done by a professional.

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